9 Unknown Men: The mysterious secret society of ancient India!!

Emperor Ashoka on his chariot (source: Wikipedia)
  1. Physiology: This book discussed physiology and explains how to kill a person simply by touching him or her, known as “The Touch of Death”, simply by the reversal of a nerve impulse. It is also said that the martial art of Judo is a result of a leakage from this book.
  2. Microbiology: This book focused on microbiology and biotechnology.
  3. Alchemy: This book focused on dealing with alchemy and the transmutation of metals.
  4. Communication: The 5th book contained a study of means of communication. Be is terrestrial and extraterrestrial. This alleges that the Nine Unknown were aware of the presence of aliens and the outer world.
  5. Gravity: The 6th book contained the secrets of gravity and actual instructions on how to make the Vedic Vimana or simply an aircraft.
  6. Cosmogony: This book contained the study of the matters of the universe.
  7. Light: The 8th book dealt with light including its speed and how to use it as a weapon.
  8. Sociology: The ninth and the last book contains the study of sociology. It included rules for the evolution of societies and the means of foretelling their decline.

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