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  • Rashmi G

    Rashmi G

    I write about Single Life, Relationships, Mental Health Awareness, Self-Love and Life. Contact me at

  • Pradeep Dahiya (Apple Developer)

    Pradeep Dahiya (Apple Developer)

    Enjoy correlating real world with programming ....

  • Dan Wyszynski

    Dan Wyszynski

    iOS, Android & AR @ Nike, developer of Triller, Effects Wizard, Creepy Crawly Kingdom, DaVinci's Secret Machines, DrawPals, Punch! Culture Shelf & more.

  • Mohammad Yasir

    Mohammad Yasir

  • Nassos Michas

    Nassos Michas

    Software engineer | Cert. Scrum master | Cert. Professional for Requirements Engineering | CTO at European Dynamics

  • Priya Talreja

    Priya Talreja

    iOS Developer

  • Steven Curtis

    Steven Curtis

  • Aaina jain

    Aaina jain

    Engineering Manager📱at Go-Jek Tech, Organizer & Editor at Swift India

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